Location: Middle East

Location: Middle East

A girl holds a letter in front of her face.
Moving Walls 6
Lori Grinker
Aerial photograph of border fence
Moving Walls 22
Tomas van Houtryve
Piles of paper behind woman at desk.
Moving Walls 17
Jan Banning
A hand holding two small photographs.
Moving Walls 13
Margot Herster
A man sits on the stairs of a deserted building
Moving Walls 23
Dionysis Kouris
Soldier with row of lights.
Moving Walls 16
Benjamin Lowy
An armed man on a bunk bed in front of a landscape.
Moving Walls 6
Three people wearing hooded sweatshirts seated at computers
Moving Walls 22
Mari Bastashevski, Privacy International
A woman wearing a wedding dress and dragon wings
Moving Walls 25
Omar Imam
Two women at a grave.
Moving Walls 20
Yuri Kozyrev
Soldier with prosthetic arm in front of a tree.
Moving Walls 10
Nina Berman
Four phones on table
Moving Walls 22
Edu Bayer
Two men sitting next to man looking at cell phone
Moving Walls 23
Liam Maloney
Ruined chair beneath an ornate ceiling.
Moving Walls 9
Sean Hemmerle
Shadows of three people on a wall.
Moving Walls 18
Gabriela Bulisova
A diptych of a woman behind wet glass and a handwritten letter
Moving Walls 25
Thana Faroq
A person near the wall with a rock and a streak of light.
Moving Walls 9
Larry Towell
Soldier in casket.
Moving Walls 16
Eugene Richards

Moving Walls is an annual exhibition series that explores a variety of social justice and human rights issues through documentary practice, and is produced by Open Society’s Culture and Art program. Moving Walls is exhibited at our offices in New York, London, and Washington, D.C., and includes five to nine discrete bodies of work.

Since 1998, Moving Walls has featured over 200 photographers and artists whose works address a variety of social justice and human rights issues.

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