Topic: Conflict War Aftermath

Topic: Conflict, War, & Aftermath

A pair of worn of children shoes
Moving Walls 21
Shannon Jensen
A bicyclist in front of a building.
Moving Walls 1
Edward Grazda
Men selling birdcages.
Moving Walls 9
Steve McCurry
A girl holds a letter in front of her face.
Moving Walls 6
Lori Grinker
A street marked with red paint.
Moving Walls 11
Sara Terry
Group of people observe court proceedings.
Moving Walls 19
Pete Muller
Aerial photograph of border fence
Moving Walls 22
Tomas van Houtryve
Three boys in front of a power plant.
Moving Walls 3
Antonin Kratochvil
A man surrounded by burnt wood.
Moving Walls 11
Lynsey Addario
Workers on small boats.
Moving Walls 12
Kadir van Lohuizen
Two girls sitting in a tree.
Moving Walls 24
Rahima Gambo
An elderly woman viewed through a vehicle window.
Moving Walls 2
Gilles Peress
Empty bed with blue wall.
Moving Walls 17
Mari Bastashevski
Collage of nine images with color portrait at center.
Moving Walls 1
James Nubile
Students at gym class
Moving Walls 21
Diana Markosian
A hand holding two small photographs.
Moving Walls 13
Margot Herster
A crowd cheering and waving flags at a political rally.
Moving Walls 4
Jan Dago
Soldier with row of lights.
Moving Walls 16
Benjamin Lowy
Boys in gangster outfits.
Moving Walls 11
Julien Chatelin
Person lying in roofless building.
Moving Walls 16
Stefano De Luigi
Girl with woman carrying bricks
Moving Walls 5
Heidi Bradner
A woman wearing a wedding dress and dragon wings
Moving Walls 25
Omar Imam
A film frame with a man wearing glasses.
Moving Walls 24
Stephanie Mercedes
Children playing in a cemetery.
Moving Walls 5
Beka Vučo
Tree with man and red flag.
Moving Walls 16
Tomas van Houtryve
Women carrying ammunition.
Moving Walls 11
Tim Hetherington
Two women at a grave.
Moving Walls 20
Yuri Kozyrev
A group of people surrounding a man with an accordion.
Moving Walls 2
John Vachon
Soldier with prosthetic arm in front of a tree.
Moving Walls 10
Nina Berman
Four phones on table
Moving Walls 22
Edu Bayer
Two men sitting next to man looking at cell phone
Moving Walls 23
Liam Maloney
Ruined chair beneath an ornate ceiling.
Moving Walls 9
Sean Hemmerle
Shadows of three people on a wall.
Moving Walls 18
Gabriela Bulisova
A diptych of a woman behind wet glass and a handwritten letter
Moving Walls 25
Thana Faroq
An boy puts his hand on a younger boy's head
Moving Walls 25
Tomas Ayuso
Demonstrators with flag.
Moving Walls 18
Abdi Roble
A cityscape viewed through glass with a bullet hole.
Moving Walls 9
Stephen Ferry
A group of young monks, some in a room, some outside a window.
Moving Walls 2
Teru Kuwayama
A person near the wall with a rock and a streak of light.
Moving Walls 9
Larry Towell
Soldier in casket.
Moving Walls 16
Eugene Richards
A performer on a banner.
Moving Walls 4
Vesna Pavlović
People holding signs with pictures of missing relatives.
Moving Walls 8
Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Moving Walls is an annual exhibition series that explores a variety of social justice and human rights issues through documentary practice, and is produced by Open Society’s Culture and Art program. Moving Walls is exhibited at our offices in New York, London, and Washington, D.C., and includes five to nine discrete bodies of work.

Since 1998, Moving Walls has featured over 200 photographers and artists whose works address a variety of social justice and human rights issues.

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